BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD: Eniola Ajao Is A Chameleon In Disguise

Despite shedding crocodile tears and begging people to watch her film “Beast of Two Worlds”, and apologizing for associating with immorality, Eniola yesterday still “walked down the aisle” holding hands with Bobrisky as if they are newly wedded at a Cinema where her film was being shown.

What message are these guys really passing across? How about the youths that see them as role models? Any morals in all of these?

Why are they advertising immorality as if they are accomplishing a mandate given to them.

How did Eniola think he can f00l all Nigerians and the entire world.

It is glaring that there may be something deeper than what we know or see.

There are hidden things going on among Nollywood actresses and this guy that they are hiding. Most of them invite Bob to their parties and also attend Bob’s parties too. It’s been going on for a long time, it’s like people didn’t notice it or maybe they didn’t see anything wrong with it. What is the association between light and darkness, what is the association between morality and immorality.

A lot of these actresses are having evil association with this guy for monetary rewards and that is why they find it difficult to dis-associate from him. Despite all the cries Eniola was crying and begging people to watch her film, she still went back to be holding hands with him. Her plea is an insincere one.
There’s something intimate between Bob and some of the Nollywood actresses. Maybe they want to be part of the money Bob is receiving from international gay association for promoting the act.

Indeed, Eniola Ajao is a “Beast of Two Worlds” shuttling between the worlds of morality and immorality.

©️ Gbenga Lawal

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