Community Leader Applauds Troops as Peace Thrives with Operation Lake Sanity 2

The Sultan of Kinassaram in Chad, Abakar Yerima has expressed appreciation to the troops of Task Force Kirta in Darak, Cameroon over the enhanced peace and security in the communities.
In a press statement e-signed and released to the National Association of Online Security News Publishers, NAOSNP by the Chief Military Public Information Officer, HQ MNJTF in Ndjamena Chad, Lieutenant Colonel Abdullahi Abubakar stated that, “As Operation Lake Sanity 2 entered its third month, communities around the Lake Chad islets, especially to the south, are experiencing enhanced peace and security. This was highlighted during a visit by the Chadian Sultan of Kinassaram, Abakar Yerima, to the troops of Task Force Kirta in Darak, Cameroon, on 26 June 2024.”
According to the statement, “The Sultan’s visit aimed to express gratitude to the MNJTF troops for their tireless efforts in restoring peace and stability in the region. He praised the progress and peace achieved since the beginning of Operation Lake Sanity 2, emphasizing the crucial role played by the Task Force in ensuring the safety and well-being of local residents.”
“Sultan Abakar noted that farmers and fishermen have been able to continue their activities without threats since the operation began. As a symbol of gratitude and respect for the troops’ dedication and hard work, he donated some sheep to the troops.”

“Responding to the Sultan’s visit, the commander of Task Force Kirta, Navy Captain Patrick Nnom Mabiom, acknowledged the challenging conditions under which the troops operate, including the ongoing threats posed by terrorists’ improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on various routes. Despite these challenges, the commander reassured that the troops remain steadfast in their resolve to bring lasting peace to the lake and its islets, known as “tumbuns.” He also expressed his gratitude for the continuous support and cooperation from the local community.”

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