Constitution Review: Ex-Commandos Set Up a 7-Man Committee

By: Theresa Moses

Poised to strengthen the Old Students Association, Command Day Secondary School (CDSSJ), Maxwell Khobe Cantonment, Rukuba, Jos, Plateau State, popularly called “Ex-Commandos”, a 7-man-committee has been formed to carry out a comprehensive review of its constitution.

The Constitution Review Committee was set up by the newly elected executives of the association, led by Mr. Emmanuel C. Onyeme, during its first executive meeting recently.

Ex-Commandos Association President, Mr. Emmanuel Onyeme, stated that “this significant development marks a pivotal moment in the history of our association as we strive to enhance our governance structure and uphold the values and principles that have guided us over the years.

“The primary objective of the Constitution Review Committee is to comprehensively assess and recommend amendments to our existing constitution. This initiative reflects our commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and continuous improvement; believing that by modernising our constitution, we can do better to serve the interests of our members and promote the growth and development of our association,” he added.

The 7-Man Constitution Review Committee is composed of distinguished individuals and lawyers who have a deep understanding of the association’s history, goals, and the evolving needs of its members.

They are: Barr Babatunde Awe, Set 1994, Chairman. Mr. Osemwota Imuentinyan Ogiemwen, Set 1989, Secretary. Mr. Lawrence Ibeh. Set 1991, Member. Barr Kaine Amachree, Set 1995, Member. Michael Hosea, 2002, Member. Muyiwa Fakolujo, Set 1996 Member and Rogers Robson, Set 2008, Member.

Their expertise and dedication to this task would ensure that the proposed amendments align with its core values and objectives.

Mr. Onyeme encouraged all members of the Association to actively participate in this review process by sharing their thoughts and ideas with the Constitution Review Committee.

“We believe that a revised constitution will serve as the foundation for a more vibrant, engaged, and forward-looking Ex-Commandos. Your feedback, suggestions, and ideas are invaluable in shaping the future of our association. Together, we can create a stronger and more vibrant community that would continue to make a positive impact on society”, he reiterated.

In his acceptance speech, Bar. Awe, Chairman of the Committee, said, “Our goal is to create a document that not only reflects the spirit of our organisation but also reposition us for a successful future.

“In the coming weeks, the Constitution Review Committee will embark on a thorough review of the current constitution and engage in consultations with members.

“We anticipate that this collaborative effort will lead to a revised constitution that better reflects the aspirations and goals of our association.

We are excited about the possibilities that this constitution review brings and look forward to a brighter future for the Ex-Commandos Association,” he said.

The Ex-Commandos Association, established six years ago, is a proud and enduring network of alumni dedicated to fostering camaraderie and supporting its beloved alma mater. Its mission is to unite past students, strengthen connections, and give back to the school community. Over the years, we have achieved this through various initiatives, including various programmes and projects.

Our history is steeped in tradition, reflecting our commitment to upholding the values instilled during our time at the school. We continue to thrive as a close-knit family of alumni, working together to make a positive impact.

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