Insecurity has reached its highest level in our history as a nation, the event leading to the Nigeria civil war seems a child play when compared with the present happening!

We need not remind you of the gory details, but for the records.

The smuggling of the Islamic Sharia laws into our Constitution ab-initio has been the bane of divisions among all loving Nigerians.

Those who smuggled it in had a hidden intention and those who saw the evil or danger inherent in it, out of fear of losing out kept quite.

The same attitude goes on today and unless the fraud is arrested boldly and firmly, the recurring atone age jungle justice will continue in our beloved Nation Nigeria.

Few cases will suffice for the press as guide to our Rulers.

The case of Tafawa Balewa University students on whom the sentence of FATWA (an Islamic death sentence) was pronounced in 2004 by a 31 year old FULANI man who is still walking around as a free man today!

One of the sentence persons in this School had been beheaded before CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) intervened to rescue the rest to Lagos!

We also have the RCCG woman who was beheaded somewhere in Kano and his head was hoisted on a stick and carried about in jubilation like a flag.

The Head of State then, General Sanni Abacha ordered the death of eight (08) of the nine (09) culprits fingered in the case.

The ninth person, though, incarcerated for two (02) years then, is today walking about now, a free man.

There is also the very annoying case a government teacher who was transferred to a school in Gombe state, Northern Nigeria and while invigilating in an internal examination, she tried to prevent a student from cheating by seizing the students bag and throwing it where other student’s were kept.

The cheating student instantly raised a false alarm that teacher had desecrated her copy of the holy Quran.

The teacher was lynched and beaten to death.

The killing of Deborah Samuel a 200 level student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, speaks volume for our Constitution, rule of law and administration of justice.

We stand in shame with you before the global community.

We therefore, condemn the killing of Deborah Samuel.

We also need to call the attention of the global community to the protest for the release of certain persons who were arrested in connection with the crime.

That religion is the reason is a fallacy, well meaning Muslims have come out to condemn the killing; notable among them sre His Excellency, Aminu Tambunwa, the Executive Governor of Sokoto state and the Supreme leader of Islam in Nigeria to whom all Muslims must defer in all matter of their religion.

It is sad to note the person and office to interpret the appearance of the moon is judged to be in error over is condemnation.

Little wonder Protocol We well come you members of the Press and other media to this urgent and important release as a pointer to the problems of forced Unity in a Nation been ruled with TWO CONSTITUTIONS IN ONE: THE CASE OF DEBORAH SAMUELS MURDER.

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