Highly revered Elder Statesmen from both lgbo and Yoruba socio – political Organizations, Alaigbo Development Foundation, ADF and the Afenifere, have converged on Lagos to recommend and endorse the candidacy of the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Gregory Obi through a Book Launch in his honour.
The 157 pages Book entitled “The Challenges of Good Governance and Leadership in Nigeria” – the PETER OBI Factor: written by a number of concerned persons who share the same ideals of the Man, is a compendium in the life, times and those lasting legacies of the man they said represents a new order and is willing to turn things around for better, come next political dispensation, next year.
Eulogies, encomiums, praises, shouts and applauses which poured on this particular Man, reverberated from all corners of the Hotel room where the event took place.
The Man of the moment, Mr Peter Obi has won the hearts of Nigerians from across the zones, a new set of Nigerians who are today yearning for a Change, not the type APC deceived Nigerians with eight years ago, but a complete change of the status quo which has inflicted the people with pains, tears and frustrations for these years.
So, when some great and elder Statesmen like Pa Ayo Adebanjo of Afenifere, a United Nations Consultant, Dr Uma Oke Eleazu, a reknown UNN Professor Uzodinma Nwala as well as Dr Oluwadurotimi Olulana and hosts of others defiled the day’s downpour and graced the occasion.
These men have accomplished virtually all in life and as such were not looking for contracts, monetary favours or any form of self aggrandizement which could come from the corridor of power and from the Presidency but they came all out to pitch their tents with the Man they all have assessed and accepted as the ” Moses of our Time” whom must be supported by all right thinking Nigerians as indicating by the handwriting on the wall.
The Chairman of the Occasion, Dr Oluwadurotimi Olulana in his opening remarks pointed to Peter Obi as the Moses of the time and charged the people to see the event as a wake up call to participate in the present opportunity to mobilize to vote out the current corrupt Leaders and vote in Peter Obi, for a new Nigeria of our the people’s dream.
Professor Uzodinma Nwala in his speech said, nobody really thought out to write a book on Mr Peter Obi. It all started from his tribute to another great Nationalist, Mr Mbazika Amaechi and his Group hence getting to a point where the choice of Peter Obi emerged naturally as God ordained project. The Don said it was not also for the fact that Mr Peter Obi was his Student in UNN but said that some fact finding tours as well as the recent events like former President Olusegun Obasanjo leaving his seat for Mr Peter Obi and walking away, are pointers to the fact that, he is the chosen one God has prepared to lead the people next, a worthy Deciple and one that can reliably be passed the baton.
Prof. Nwala noted that every Actor on the stage of history, rules with time precession as long as the logical extension of the time lasts, but when that time comes to an end, he or she should be able to bow out and pass on the baton, that he noted, was what Chief Obasanjo did to Mr Peter Obi and that was what they all were doing via these supports.
Eulogising the humanitarian interventions of Mr Peter Obi, Prof. Nwala enumerated the numbers of Elderly persons Mr Peter Obi had built houses and bought cars for and how he had rehabilitated the Kogi State Flood victims, noting that all these good works plus eloquent testimonies from the people, form the contents of the Book.
The 94 years old Leader of Afenifere, Pa Ayo Adebanjo while speaking, said he was not present at the event to solicit any gains of favours because as a Nonagenarian, his years are far spent, but he came for the benefit of the younger generations. He explained that, in the circumstance of the present Nigeria, it was never going to be a tea party, it’s not going to be a walk – over, because those who are there are not ready to go, but assured all present that together, we will push them out. He therefore called for concerted action and the need for all to be Obi – compliant.
” We are fighting a battle which your Oppressors want to keep the positions to further oppress you, they are doing it in several ways, they try to put a crack by saying that the Labour Party Chairman in Lagos State has resigned, who told them that?
They also said a solid Organization like Afenifere is divided, who told them that? Ladies and Gentlemen, tighten your belts, take this fight to the next stage, when you say you are Obi compliant, do it with action and on the day of election, make sure every eligible Voter goes to the polls”.
In her contribution, the General Secretary of Peter Obi Campaign Group, Mrs Clara Eromosele, said though she had not read the book yet, the first thing she would say about Nigerians and the Challenges of good Governance was that, the Nigerian people have not “owned” Nigeria, referring to actually taking full responsibility of the affairs of the country by themselves.
“Everyone is shouting and cheering Peter Obi and campaigning for him, does everyone have PVCs? For those who don’t have PVCs, I hope you have decided that we are going to volunteer to INEC, to monitor all happenings at the Polling Booths. Hope you have decided that we are going to do something in furtherance for Peter Obi’s ambition to be the next President of Nigeria. You know it is one thing for people to stand up and say we want him to be President it is another thing for all of us to vote for him. If we don’t vote for him, if we don’t participate, if we get discouraged, if we get affraid and bow to threats, there’s no way our vision would come to pass, Nigeria belongs to all of us, now is the time for us to get our country back. I enjoin each and every one of you who has signed up for Mr Peter Obi and is here because of him, do not just sit back, think of all you need to do actualize this dream. It’s no excuse to say I have no PVC, if you can contribute to Mr Peter Obi’s campaign, you are doing something”.
The Book Reviewer, Barrister Dele Farotimi summarized all chapters with ease noting that there was an assumption by some of the writers of the book that there is no clear citizenship in Nigeria because no one acts as a citizen in a place that is ungovernable by the law. According to him, it’s only when the law rules in the space and there’s equality of the persons who live within that geographical space, would one be able to speak of equality. Barrister Farotimi attempted to equate the Alaigbo Development Foundation to Afenifere but noted that the only difference was that, they in Afenifere which is a political Organization know surely what they stand for, explaining that Alaigbo had done what was comparable to what Afenifere had also done at different times in it’s history.
“It (Alaigbo) looks at its people, examines the developmental strides of it’s leadership, critically examining the impact on the lives of the people, that is what ADF is solving through the compendium which is the Book”.
He said the first Chapter is about the biography of Mr Peter Obi noting that it was very important that the people see the way it treats his person, being very careful to point out the fact that he is a Leader and not a Ruler.
“The essential difference between a Leader and a Ruler is that the Ruler exists in time, he is essentially focused on surviving and maintaining himself in power. A Leader has the capacity to see beyond and makes plans based on his vision which he sees”.
Barrister Farotimi further noted that Mr Peter Obi is eloquently respected in the governance of Anambra State, he was a charismatic Leader and was quite populist and still remains a populist in the rating of Nigerians.
He said that his frugality knew no bounds as he was the first Nigerian Governor to be impeached for being frugal with the state funds.
The Labour Party Governorship Aspirant in Lagos State, Architect Gbadebo Rhodes Viviour and his Deputy Governorship Aspirant, Princess Islamiyat Oyefusi were feasible at the event.
The Labour Party faithful from different Support Groups were on ground to register their presence and solidarity while an array of different Igbo Ladies, in their gorgeous attires depicting different Groupings, sang and danced to grace the occasion.
An appreciable quantity of the Book was bought by the high and the mighty at the event.


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