To the Glory of our God Almighty today marks another milestone in the life of my family as on this auspicious day of 29th April, God in His wisdom and love towards me and my family decided to bless us with a great and unique daughter who was named after my beloved wife

Miss Chioma Henrietta Chukwuemeka-Eze is a unique daughter who right from birth desires to carve a niche for herself and establish her independent.

She is so unique that while in the University she mooted the idea of buying a car and building a house for me though she couldn’t accomplish any of these at the moment due to setback in her business but today she has resolved to take over the feeding allowance of her junior sister who is still studying in the University.

Though, I have a lot to say about this special lady who I do call my wife as she was named after her mother but her senior sister birthday message explains all that I could have love to state.

According to Celine another Amazon that God blessed me with, “Chef Chioma is one sister of mine that I am so proud of because she inspires me a lot. I know I take risks but you see this woman here, she takes risks and bold steps that I myself can’t and would often marvel at her fearlessness and courage when chasing her dreams.

My sister is a very determined person, very zealous and enthusiastic about becoming a successful chef. I have watched her over the years working effortlessly to achieve her dreams and she doesn’t just talk for talking sake because the actions are always loud.

You can’t stay with Chioma and not feel motivated. My sister, I pray that your new age shall bring greater wisdom, more peace, direction, God’s endless love and protection upon your life. Nothing in your hands will die and all the good desires of your heart will come to pass. Amen” Celine


Let me conclude this with the testimony of my daughter about her life and present accomplishments

“Last year I was so depressed that opting out of the world was my only option. I lost a lot and I was just tired, I was basically alone in the crowd of many. So I packed my bagpack with my leftover savings and money Chidi Emmanuel (AKA CHASE) gave me and exited PHC, I left my house in tears and I said I’ll give it one more shot and then I’m done. In glad I took that decision. I made a long prayer list of 15 items and I’ve gotten 13 of them so far, I’ve crossed heights that I was told I would never… reach, I got the peace I was in need of to the Glory of God.. Happy birthday Chef Oma
#birthdaygirl #cheflife #risktaker

Happy birthday my Love and friend

Happy birthday the great Dreamer of our time

Happy birthday the Great daughter of God Almighty

May God not only bless you with a wonderful husband but grant you with greater and better years ahead IJN

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

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