The Founder of One Love Family and the Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji has warned the self-acclaimed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Leader, Simon Ekpa, to desist from issuing any ‘sIt-at-home’ order to Lagosians.

Satguru Maharaj Ji gave the warning in a statement issued in Ibadan and made available to journalists.
Maharaj Ji said Ekpa would face the consequences of the crisis rocking the region and affecting the peace of the country, if he continues issuing such order.
“I am giving him 21days to change his language, otherwise I will send Okija to him wherever he is.
Recall that the factional leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Simon Ekpa, had announced plans to declare a sit-at-home in Lagos State to demand the release of Nnamdi Kanu.
Ekpa had late Wednesday night tweeted that IPOB will be coming to Lagos after the two-week-long sit at home in the South-east.
“Biafrans in Lagos should get ready to be part of the demand to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. We are coming to Lagos after the 2 week-long sit at home,” Ekpa said.
In the statement, Maharaj Ji went further to say if Simon Ekpa fails to listen to the warning, He would have no option than to make sure he is chased out of his comfort zone in Finland and the entire Diaspora back to the south east to face the law and the consequences of his actions in Nigeria.
“He can’t be in his comfort zone and be instigating crisis in Nigeria by ordering ‘seat-at-home’ order in Lagos thereby depriving people from their daily businesses all for his selfish interest,” Maharaj Ji stated.
“Telling them to stay at home is anti-progress. The Lagosians voted for Tinubu; they love Tinubu because he has been taking care of them.
“For him to say that, tells you that he’s being used by the Europeans who wants to cause war in Nigeria but failed.
“We are unreliably informed that Peter Obi one of the Presidential Aspirant in the last election took pictures with Simon Ekpa. They’re not feeling the case of Nnamdi Kanu at all. We are trying all efforts to make sure that Kanu is given a bail or a fair trial. They should not heat the polity nor create problems.
“Nigeria unity cannot be fractured at all and can neither be censored now,” Maharaj Ji declared.
“Creating publicity can change the tide of the events today that there is a President in the saddle of power. We cannot handover power to any part of the country that is enmeshed in rebellion, anarchy, murder, kidnapping and poisonous propaganda as we are seeing now in some of the states where banditry is on the rise; where some police formations have been closed; no food no water; people cannot go to work and the youngsters are being killed by the hour.
“Can’t any leader from such area touch the heart of the people. How can you imagine someone that cannot take care of one woman now goes to marry 36 wives,” the Living Perfect Master said.
Simon who is known to have allegedly incited violence in southeastern Nigeria in the agitation for the independent state of Biafra is trying to spread his tentacle of violence to Lagos which according to Maharaj Ji has failed in that respect.
“The Finnish authority arrested Simon Ekpa on the 23rd of February, 2023. His arrest came after the Nigerian authority reported Simon to the Finnish government for inciting violence in the southeastern part of Nigeria.” But we are yet to know why he was left out of the hook.
“Where is Kalu Orji, Kalu Chief Nwobodo, Ebito Ukiwe, Sir Aryaoku the erstwhile commonwealth secretary, where are the remaining Soludo Governors, Chief Nwodo, to mention a few. Where are you? The truth of the matter is that religion has overpowered and destroyed the Black Nucleus culture hence the small boy is being allowed to not only smear the Igbo but spoil all the chances available to redress this thorny but surmountable issue and are watching Simon Ekpa and his cohort to defraud millions of dollars from innocent and ignorant sympathizers who are not aware that Simon Ekpa  is being used to not only destabilize the country but to destroy the rich human and material resources of the Alaigbo built through years of hardwork, faith and resilience. He is warned.
“But today we have realized that there is a Living Perfect Master in Nigeria who has been talking to all – Yorubas, Igbos, Hausas, Ijaw etc. and If the Igbos wants a President from an Igbo land, there’s nothing wrong they will get there once they’re free.
“Anybody is free to be and that was why people voted for whoever they like.
He, however, called on Chief Uwuanyawu the new Ohaneze Ndigbo to issue a statement in this regard to clear the air.
“Igbo leaders and elders must talk now to avoid further loss of lives and properties, we love you all,” He stated.
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