The Kosofe local government, turned to a battle ground on Tuesday the 8th day of February. This happened, as one of the fierce looking thugs/hoodlums that numbered about fifteen, that goes about with the council Chairman, slapped one of the civil servant, a woman, the council engineer.
These hoodlums, we gathered, have always warned the civil servants, that this government is not like the former government of Honourable Babatunde Sofola. They had always warned that any civil servants that misbehaved or goes beyond his/her limit will be adequately dealt with.
After the melee, we reached out to some party members, to hear their comments and reactions. One Mr Bishiriyu Olayemi from Gbagada, said Barrister Moyo is always seen around with these hoodlums. That the day they came to commission a bridge in Ifako, the same way these hoodlums behaved. They asked, what is he doing with them? Another said, i can’t blame Moyo, he is enjoying what he did not work for. He came into the party less than a year, and they made him the local government Chairman, through Paddy Paddy arragement.
I think its high time the party Leaders/Elders needs to call Barrister Moyo to order. Some of these hoodlums, we allegedly learnt smoke indian hemp inside the Chairman’s office, that people around can perceive the smell.
Barrister Moyo, needs to put away these hoodlums from the council Secretariat. He himself, is quoted to have verbally abused several civil servants in the Local government, this is what gave the hoodlums the impetus and courage to slap the council engineer.
We shall get back to you as the event unfolds.
Keep and play safe.

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