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We the Nigerian youth needs to keep our faith alive and solace ourself for a better community, and also have a good behavior to was others.
We should be a leading example, every thing we do in life should reflect the goodness to humanity.
We all should be more forcus in all our endeavors and resist the negative thought from who can never add any value to our consignment, we should not allowed the olds to use us as a tool to there selfish go, we should try and be our brothers keeps for a greater tomorrow… Be a leader, involve more like minds youth to politics and so not involve yourself in negative behaviors.. walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. Let come together to mod a block against the olds that has nothing to contribute to our common go.. let support ourself for a greater community… My massage 2022.. Hon Tambi

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  1. That is gud opinion but how can we know the leader so we can focus on them and Alha will be with us Amen because Nigeria as tuned upside down is only God can have mercy

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