Musa Halilu Hamed Foundation Distributes Palliative To Downtrodden Households

In a bid to cushion the effect of the biting economy and also bring succour to the needy via philanthropy, cosmopolitan, suave businessman, investor and public speaker; Alhaji Musa Halilu Hamed, Chairman TILT Groups and the founder of Musa Halilu MHA Foundation has reached out to the needy via his foundation by distributing palliatives to the poorest of the poorest household in Yola, Adamawa state.

The initiative was intended to render helping hands to the downtrodden and also assist the government in providing relief items to the needy by also bringing hunger down to the bearest minimum. MHA Foundation since its formation has over nine years catered for the needs of both young and old children with a special interest in Educational Development, Women Empowerment, Motherless Children Empowerment, Prison Reform and inmate welfare, community infrastructure renewal, widow empowerment and a host of other things.

During the Deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the MHA foundation also helped cushion the deadly virus’s effect and spread as it donated several relief materials to hospitals. To cushion the effect of the biting economy with the removal of Fuel Subsidies by the Government, also living up to its expectation of helping the poor, the foundation in its little capacity embarked on a palliative distribution to over 2,000 households distributing cash, food and other edible items that will help beneficiaries stay afloat during the current economic hardship.

To make the distribution process seamless, the foundation targeted the poorest of the poorest via Mosque using clergymen to point out those who are really in need of the relief materials. The materials were distributed around the Yola metropolis and the subhurb and beneficiaries of the palliative were super excited as they all averred that; if more people in the state engage in acts of philanthropy constantly, poverty and hunger will be eradicated to the bearest minimum. They also thanked Dujima Adamawa for his continuous support and care for the needy as they reeled out prayers that Almighty Allah replenish his pocket.

According to the Foundation, the completion of the first phase will also open room for the kickstarting of the second phase which will be taking place in other parts of the states. “More items will be distributed to the needy most especially families who can’t afford to eat quality meals. We will never relent in our quest to reduce hardship. Our foundation has one goal which is to continue touching lives and we will continue to use our resources to put smiles on the faces of the needy.” Alhaji Halilu disclosed.

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