Niger Republic Attempted Coup: Between Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy And African Leaders’ Obstinacy (VIDEO)

African leaders are known for their gross obstinacy when it comes to prophecies especially if it doesn’t favour them. In some African nations, men of God are being harassed on a daily basis because they failed to prophesy in their favour.

Despite the intimidations against these clerics, men of God like Nigeria’s Primate Ayodele have not stopped speaking to nations. They have not stopped revealing God’s mind concerning presidents and nations in the world.

Most especially Primate Ayodele, his prophecies transcend beyond his country and continent. The fulfillment of his prophecies has proven that God called him and that regardless of the intimidation, God will always use his servant to send messages to the world.

The current happening in Niger Republic regarding the attempted coup against the leadership of President Mohamed Bazoum further mirrors the attitude African leaders put against prophecies and the validation of Primate Ayodele as a true prophet.

Primate Ayodele about two weeks ago sent a warning to African leaders about an impending coup he foresees unless they address it and do the right thing. The man of God made the warning in a video that was shared on his TikTok account.

According to him, it was certain that a coup would happen in Africa because God isn’t happy with the presidents on the continent. He consistently advised them to address issues of the coup and do the needful in order to avert them. It.

‘’I am seeing another coup in Africa except the leader addresses it now. If the leaders don’t do the right thing, there will be a problem. The Lord said African leaders are very greedy, we can address issues of a coup if the government does what is needed if not, there will be a coup.’’

Two weeks ago was enough time for the leaders in Africa to address the coup Primate Ayodele warned them against. The duration between when it happened and when the prophet warned is enough to thwart whatever plans to dethrone any president for the region but they totally ignored the warnings of the prophet and now, every leader is calling for an end to the happenings in Niger Republic which is gradually moving to become a full-fledge palace coup.

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