Our pains, their gains!

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi


My last engagement on this social street was, titled; “as e dey pain us, e dey sweet them”. My intention was to make clear to the masses the hopelessness of looking for hope where none may come from. The crass disparity between the political class and the masses who voted them to power is an institutional separation. Until that wall erected by the political class is brought down, we can as well forget about the dividends of democracy!

Responses to the said article is very warm and encouraging, the applause is needless if it doesn’t initiate aggression and provoke People-centered action at liberating the oppressed from their oppressors!

The miseries of the masses are the meats of our political elites! So, it is of necessity that they keep creating miseries that will bring meats on their table for sharing!

Creating miseries, this they do in every way possible and by all means achievable!

Is Tinubu the creator of all our miseries? Obviously not! However, the miseries of the masses was at all time high at the exit of Buhari but much was expected from the protagonist of the Renewed Hope agenda. Instead, on the very first day of the inauguration of the Renewed Hope agenda, he created the worst misery ever experienced in the life of the nation called Nigeria, with profound unmistakable statement; *Subsidy* *is gone!*

The hope Ambassador has not even entered the office when he, by himself, dashed it!

No thanks to the spirit that took hold of him and put those words in his mouth. We are left at the mercy of an unidentifiable spirit for irresponsibility of an identifiable elected leader!

Hope dashed, he headed for Lagos after creating such a messy misery upon which the floods of inflation has taken over the market. He was driven in his home state in opulence of power, in the words of Omoyele Sowore, “with such unending petro-gas-guzzling convoy” involving well over a hundred vehicles!

His convoy was long enough to add to the list of Guinness world records in our kitty as a nation!

@officialABAT , it is sad when leaders act like the poor don’t matter. Your Excellency, the hallmark of a Democrat should be making the difference and setting a standard. You squandered the goodwill of the masses when it mattered! Expecting the populace to endure untold and inhumane hardship that was brought upon them by your policy while your flamboyance is on the tax payers from whom austerity is demanded, is unjust!

Living large at the expense of people experiencing life-threatening poverty is unfair!

You must demonstrate that leadership is by example and cut down on your flamboyant abuse of power.

Dear fellow countrymen, we are worse off when our political support to anyone in our political class is tinted by tribe and religion. The social demography of our nation should not be mistaken. There are two tribes socially in Nigeria; we, the oppressed and our oppressors!

The President has given us a reason to rise, by changing the national anthem that allows serving our fatherland in oppression to our motherland where no one is oppressed!

There are two religions: Godliness and the ungodliness. The traits of ungodliness in our oppressors, no religion in the world supports!

Their bellies are their gods; not even our lives are sacred in their bid to fill it!

Supporting Tinubu’s government or any other at all costs, irrespective of negative implications of their policies is not a good quality of citizens in need of good governance. If we were in doubt of Buhari’s performance, that won’t be at the tail end of his administration when it became visible to the blind that horror was upon us as a Country. But Tinubu led the voices from APC of their desire to continue from where Buhari stopped. That his appointees are demonizing Buhari to excuse the failure of this Government is unacceptable and the masses must frown at it!

Sad still, is the failure of the 4th Estate of the realm whose trusted duty to the people has been abdicated for survival. Our society is at an all time low in social advocacy!

Citizens’ consciousness of their rights is practically nonexistent! Voices of Advocacy for decades are silent for morsels or have shamefully cross carpeted to the sides where daily crumbs are guaranteed from the bread of men dressed in purple, rewards of their royal stewardship!

Grey heads close to the grave are not excused from this hunger survival instinct!

Political education and advocacy is the only hope for good governance going forward. No partisanship ideology is healthy for the masses at this time. Objectivity squarely built on the need of the masses must be placed in the public. Analyses of things as they are and as they affect the people must be our engagement with the masses.

Opinion leaders and influencers must stand with the people whose followership brought them to recognition by politicians who are ready to pay them well to reach the masses who entrusted their loyalty to them!

Silence on the leaked memo allegedly signed by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation to the President for approval is nothing but proof of our pains as the gains of our political leaders!

1billion naira for minimum wage committee is incredibly unbelievable!

A committee that’s largely made up of people in statutory positions like governors, ministers, labour leaders, Nass members etc. whose transportation and accomodations are already being taken care of by their respective authorities and positions!

How can this be justified!

Little surprise, that our labour leaders hurriedly left the negotiation table!

He who takes his share and walks away lives to share another day. One thing is clear, all traditional structures of support on the side of the people have been bought! It is left to the people what to do with themselves. We can no longer cry to the people we used to cry to. No calls on voices of reasoning that are no longer reasonable! There is a clash of class!

Poor masses must come out of their timidity. Enough of allowing a class to create pains to sustain their own gains. Time to reorganise ourselves is now!

Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder. He’s also President Voice of His Word Ministries and Convener Apostolic Round Table. BoT Chairman, Project Victory Call Initiative, AKA PVC Naija. He is a strategic Communicator and the C.E.O, Masterbuilder Communications.

Facebook: Bolaji Akinyemi.
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Instagram: bolajioakinyemi
Phone: +2348033041236

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