Oyo Govt Reviews Light-Up Oyo Project
_•To present infrastructure audit report in six weeks_

The Oyo State Government would like to draw the attention of the general public to the actions the authorities will be taking to resolve the technical and sundry difficulties the Light-Up Oyo Project has been facing in recent times, which has hindered the project from running optimally.

In the spirit of accountability and transparency, the authorities would like to put on record that there is a dispute between the Oyo State Government and the Contractor about how much work has been done and how the infrastructure is being operated.

The government is not satisfied with the infrastructure provided and its specifications. These have been the main cause of the operation and maintenance challenges the project is facing.

Therefore, the Oyo State Government is presently auditing the entire infrastructure to determine the level and quality of work done. The audit process will be completed in about six weeks, after which the general public will be updated regarding any decisions reached and the way forward for the project.

You will recall that in September 2019, the Oyo State Government embarked on the Light Up Oyo Project. The logic behind this project was two-fold. First, to grow the Oyo State economy. As Governor Seyi Makinde stated, Oyo State cannot compete with cities that run a 24-hour economy if economic activities are shut down by 7 pm. Second, to tackle insecurity. Crime thrives in darkness. And so, when major parts of towns and cities are lit up, criminals will not have anywhere to hide.

Oyo State residents are urged to remain assured that the government is doing all in its power to ensure that the entire 240 km of the Light Up Oyo project is delivered in the shortest possible time for the benefit of the residents of the state. This will ensure that the good people of Oyo State get maximum value for the money spent on this project.

Dr Wasiu Olatubosun
Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism

April 25, 2023.

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