“Dear Eze Chukwuemeka Eze the single voice that is “massive” in our time and season. Sincerely speaking even your enemy admirers your courage, brilliance and constantly standing up for truth, good practice in the journey to salvage Amaechi’s image.

I am not writing to impress you but to add to what others have said about you. Although, it is not common in our time to have a man full of galaxy of integrity, and determination like this.

However, there is truth that must be told that whosoever like the plan to rebuild Amaechi political empire must be bold to address. “Democracy is not a man’s voice but voice of the majority”. In subsequent elections to select a candidate let the people be given opportunity to chose from the council to governorship. For whom the majority choses should be accepted by the leader but the leader should learn that the act of the leader selecting or dictating who becomes the councillor to Governor is the major cause of internal crisis in the “Empire”.

Let us allow as many as would be interested in any position should be allowed to fail or pass without using “consensus formula”.

This is the HardTruth, I am bold to say this because I have followed your work strictly and it will be amazingly wonderful to have a moment to enjoy the fruit of the labour.

A lot of people who are standing against the empire does not hate the leader but they are against “the process or applied system of selecting candidate turned them into the mad people that they are today”. Many politicians do not believe that human being resist their master whenever their desires to make opinion is seized. It has distorted a lot of groups and but lesson learned from past mistakes will take forever a successful end in your fight for nation building.

I stand to be corrected but in every stupidity there is positivity therefore, I sincerely appreciate your effort and suggest that when the time to select candidates remind or endeavour to be as bold as you are to advocate for internal democracy because you have done enough for anyone to listen to Eze Chukwuemeka of our time and season.

He who want his political empire to stand the test of time must allow internal democracy to strive.

This is merely a futuristic idea that if we could build upon internal democracy it will take us a long way. It does not disrespect a leader but it seems to promote the image of any leader in the committee of fellow galaxy of intellectuals and politicians in the land.” Chief Ihuanne N. S.

Dear Chief Stephen my brother,
Let me thank you for acknowledging the little that I am doing to keep the fire of our political family aflame.

I appreciate. Let me also commend you for the boldness for highlighting the steps to make the family a true virile, united and vibrant political machine in our future endeavours. Ur wise counsel is borne out of your love for the family.

I will send your message to the Leader and others for their study and action.

God bless u for keeping faith with the family.

On my own side, I will continue to do my best not minding all the threats and frustration

Chief Eze C. Eze

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