THE CRAZE FOR MONEY IS AT THE ROOT OF INSECURITY – OBA ABDULFATAI AROMIRE • Expresses Displeasure at Youths in Southern Nigeria not Applying for Police Job




The Ojora of Ijora, HRM Oba Abdulfatai Aremu Oyeyinka Aromire has hinted that the root of insecurity in Nigeria is the craze for money. Noting that there is a departure from the past in which there is peaceful coexistence, the royal father wants Nigerians to embrace unity. The former warder who regards himself as a no-nonsense man also complained bitterly about how young Nigerians in the South are not applying for roles in the Nigeria Police.

In his exclusive interview chat with the National President, National Association of Online Security News Publishers, NAOSNP, Mr. Oki Samson at the prestigious Ojora Palace, the royal father shared his thoughts.

NAOSNP: What was Nigeria like while growing up?
Oba Aromire: During the time of our forefathers, there is peaceful coexistence among Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and other tribes and even, non-Nigerians. We lived together as brothers and sisters and also intermarried. What is wrong today is the craze for money. Before the oil boom, we don’t even hear millions, only the Federal Government budget millions. Now, we hear trillions.

NAOSNP: What is different today?
Oba Aromire: The young ones of today don’t want to work. They want to make money and it has to be now. Everywhere now, it is Yahoo internet fraud. They complain ‘no employment’ but when you employ them, they say the money is too small. The police job is currently open but our children in the Southwest and Southeast are not applying. They have seen job in Yahoo. Even students who are still in school are involved.

NAOSNP: What do you think caused it?
Oba Aromire: Parents should blame themselves. We can’t put the blame of not caring for your children on government. If you see that your child is not following the footsteps, you call him to order. How many parents sit their children to talk to them, they say there is no time. Parents have to be very careful. Your child is still in school and is driving cars and you didn’t arrest him.
If your son or daughter misbehaves in Ijora and I can’t get him, I will arrest you and hand you over to the Police. The policeman that releases you is in trouble. I don’t take nonsense. I didn’t spoil my father’s name, I worked at it. I was once a warder here in Lagos. I didn’t say because my father is from a royal home, I will st and not work. One incident happened in which the parent hid the boy under the bed. When I got the information, I entered and dragged the boy out. If my son misbehaves, I will call the police to arrest him because I won’t allow him spoil my father’s name. How many people can do that?

NAOSNP: What role should traditional rulers play?
Oba Aromire: My advice is that traditional rulers have a work to do. Federal Government should involve traditional rulers because we are the grassroots. If anything happens, I have people that will inform me by which I can tell the LGA chairman and from there to the Governor. But as it is, I don’t think the traditional rulers have a role to play and it is affecting us. Traditional rulers should be empowered and included in the system.
Government should call traditional rulers to a meeting. I will tell you that before armed robbery happens, it will be hard because landlords will know the ones that go out in the morning and those who go out at night. Myself and late Seriki Mustapha used that strategy when we always see big cars parked every night. I asked people that when do the boys come back, they said it is around 4.30am. That’s how I monitored them and contacted the landlord. He said he doesn’t know where they work and I challenged him how he could get people into his house without knowing their source of income.

NAOSNP: What do you have to say to security officers?
Oba Aromire: Don’t compromise security. Don’t compromise your job. If you do, it may be your family tomorrow.

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