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By: Tonye Iworibo


May 29th 2023 inauguration came with a lot of rain across the country. A signification that a new fresh breeze has just blown cover to the country. Very few on that faithful day would have felt the birth of a new nation within itself.
A new nation of peace, love, ethnic harmonization and the purging away of ethnic extraction through harmonization.

A nation that was on the verge to total collateral collapse, a broken system and almost a shadow of itself where lawlessness and unbelief has almost taken over every piece of it. A country at a point where spirituality and religion activities was on its highest but bears no fruits on its citizens and country at large.

A nation at a point where corruption has eaten to the very core foundation of its existence and the country’s extinction was naked and foreseeable for everyone to see.

A people in disarray, a slave in it’s own place of birth. A county where its spirit has almost gone out to leave its body. Immorality was on the high side, scam was the order of the day and betrayal was like the oxygen it breathe in struggling to stay alive.

A nation of lost but born with a silver spoon. A place where u you work like an elephant and eat like a rat. Just like a church rat in the spiritual place of worship. A place where its either u are extremely wealthy or you live in extreme poverty. No such thing as striking a balance and nothing is guaranteed. Graduates flood the street like erosion without direction.

We were at a point where the fate and future of a child has been decided even before they were born. Broken marriages everywhere, hate replaced with love, collective narratives turned to individualism. Society broken down, finally to the point where citizens were ready to place the country on sale. Just like Chinua Achebe wrote “THINGS FALL APART” God, like they say, is not man and can’t be mocked. He sees the end of things from the begining and His eyes and love has not left His beloved country.

He still over sees the affairs of men from this high throne just like he also did with Joseph.God is patient and His silence does not mean he is sleeping. He is a God of TIME & SEASON and for every generation their is always an anointed one not literally saying they are SAINTS but rather the carrier of God’s mantle and message.

At a point before christ BC Joseph the dreamer was born and shared his dream with his brothers how seven stars were bowing down before him and his brothers sold him to Marchants going to Egypt and this period could be related to the fourth democratic dispensation of 1999 era after 1960 of her independence.

Joseph was taken to Potiphar’s house and was made head of the slaves from there to prison and later became the prime minister of the whole of egypt. Same purpose but different time and season. came as a governor, served his term with wisdom majestically and brought peace, progress and stability to his state.

Ended his second term with his head up high and after wards kept building men to uphold the first foundation he has built. Beyond the state he governed and installed men and women that served with dignity and purposed. Became a king maker and taught others the true purposed of leadership.

For 16 years kept his patience, stayed off public eye but keep building on the purposed of redeeming his people from all the challenges of life that has made them lost their IDENTITY as a nation and also as a people

. By 2015 came on board with a support plan for someone else. Hoping the blood bleeding out from the country could be managed but Man’s plan is not God’s own. He was blamed, accused, insulted and crucified. For once he never altered a word. Paid for the sins of someone else without complains. Eight years after country continue to bleed until it sleeps into COMA, a state of emergency and at this point its either we get it right or get doomed and lost for ever.

The nation was thrown into CHAOS but nothing made sense. The end of a nation was inevitable, brother fighting brother, one killing another, family denying each other. We were approaching another electoral period. At that point its either we get it right or we forget it. The question on everyone’s lips was WHO WILL LEAD THE NATION. Who is worthy to shield the people from this battling rain dropping on the people.

Rain drops of hatred, starvation, bribery, poverty, high immoralities, crimes, broken judiciary, homelessness, killings and high rate of public fund embezzlement.

2023 general election needed more than a normal president. one with high level of wisdom, capacity, high level of intellectual acumen. Quality experience, one with good leadership qualities of distinctions. The big question was who was born with all of it.The search was on and men scouted all nuks and corners of the nation is search for who can rescue our dieing nation. God does not forget when men do and again man cannot be God.
[11/06, 12:44 pm] NEYOâ: The race for 2023 began, and each individual’s made their intentions known. A time when who rules a sleeping nation matter to all tribes, religion, and ethnic. A period when the youths rise to the occasion by glamoring for their own voice to be heard. A large section among all gave him no chance. They mocked him, cursed, and insulted his personality and self-esteem, including both age and health. But no, he kept on doing what was needed to be done. meeting those relevant to his quest, picked his vice, and created an atmosphere for the few that saw the vision of someone God has blessed with greatness and grace to do the unthinkable.

He stayed focused and true to his purpose and held unto his unbreakable spirit. He moved not by power of force but rather with gravity unknown to men with naked eyes. No matter how slow they saw him , he still kept all movement coded. A master chess player with class. One that knows every detail of steps to take. Just like the bible says, ” the race is not for the strong or swift but rather only for he that has has obtained favor from the lord. 2023 general election is the first of its kind because when God shows up for you, other things don’t matter. All protocols will be broken, and all closed doors will be knocked open. Prophets failed in their prophesies, and those who felt they knew God was disappointed.

For 2023, it was a choice made by God himself. God heard the cry of the people, but their choice was far from what God wanted. God alone is the ruler of heaven and the earth. He crowns kings at his will, and no one can question Him. The least choice of men became the first choice of men because when God says yes, no man can say no. A race which men thought he would not finish and AMONGST all candidates he won all flawlessly.

He has done the unthinkable. HE has set the record straight, and that one with God is the majority.

God has made his choice, the will, and word of God has fulfilled his purpose in which he has sent it. ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU “The dancer in the rain” is the most discriminated candidate ever in the history of Nigeria. When men fail, God always prevails.

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