By Oki Samson


    Lagosians have been charged to be wary of organizations and individuals who parade themselves as security outfits but have been identified to be fakers and wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is following the arrest of two persons who were suspected to have killed, buried and cut the head of a man in Ikorodu were arrested by the Nigeria Police in the Lagos State Police Command. This information was gathered by Trek Africa Newspaper at the End of the Year Press Briefing hosted by the Commissioner of Police, AIG Hakeem Olusegun Odumosu in Ikeja, Lagos today.

    One of the suspects, a 64-year-old man by name Israel Okon revealed: ‘I live at Ajegunle. Mr. Charles took me at Ogun state to be security for him. He took me to one place to work. When I worked there for a month and I didn’t see salary to collect, I came to meet him that this work does not favour me and I have decided to go.’

    The man who claimed to work for a security outfit, Citizen for Peace and First Aid Mission of Nigeria, which has now been identified to be a fake security outfit added: ‘I saw some kind of things they do in that place like cutting of human head in Ita Oluwo, Sagamu road where I was working in a hotel. I arrested a thief and handed him over to our commander. Later I heard that he is dead. My commander locked me inside that I should not go anywhere because he knows if I go I can report to the Police. He said we must dig ground to bury the body after one week they cut the boy head to baba alawo. The commander Amos has run away now.’

    A native doctor was also picked up in in the likely money ritual attempt. The native doctor, Kazeem Ishola disclosed: ‘The matter happened in August but I arrived there in October when I went to stay with them. I had lost my house in Ajegunle.’

    ‘The commander gave me the head and showed me where they buried the boy. This matter is already in the open, no need to hide. When they cut head, they usually use it for money rituals but I can also say that it can be used for healing of someone who is sick. Other items will be added for incision’, Ishola hinted.

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