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At the 65th birthday of CEO Genesis Promotion USA, Aare Demola Oyefeso at Bar Lounge and Restaurant, well wishers at the event chorused the unique quality of the socialite promoter which makes them.honourvthe event despite short notice.

The unique birthday party which was hosted on Monday 5th of June had in attendance Professor Sola Fosudo, President Responsible Leaders Concepts Limited Ambassador Dr Edward Olutoke,The founder and CEO of Yemkem International Akintunde Ayeni, former commissioner of Police, Ambassador Sulaimon Adio (Atawewe), Raji Okiki, Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku were among other dignitaries that graced the sparsely crowded event.

In an interview with Chief Akintunde Ayeni, the CEO of Yemkem International at the event, he said;

“Aare Ademola Oyefeso, ‘Baba Demo’ is a very good friend of mine and we have been together for many years. There is no better way to describe him than he is a very complete gentleman and he is a socialite man. The Calibre of people who witnessed this occasion despite the short notice speaks about his good character I am describing.

“As regards promotion, you can’t talk about a musician in Nigeria that has not passed through him. Aare is a complete gentleman. My advise for him is to continue what he is doing and be prayerful to God to spare his life to celebrate 70, 80, 90, 100 in a very good would health with peace of mind and amazing success”. He said.

The Asiwaju Odo of Yoruba Land, Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku joined other well wishers to celebrate his uncle whom he described as a man of honour.

In his words, he said;

“I am here to celebrate with my Uncle, a elder brother a man of honour. To describe him will take me the whole day because he is a wonderful man.

“We are part of those learning from his legacies, he should continue to be a good leader and keep leading all the next generation coming behind.

“I wish him all the best, long life and good health and the love of God.

Ambassador Sulaimon Adio a.k.a (Atawewe) in an interview with RsdNews talked about the indelible memory between him and Aare Demola Oyefeso and why he will be forever committed to the memory that blew his mind coming up as a young star

“I am here on behalf of my good brother, my Uncle Alase Demola Oyefeso. We have been together for a very long time.

” I could remember my first trip to Unites States of America, Brooklyn, Newyork precisely. I had a show, I didn’t expect him to show up at the event but he showed unannounced and I told him from that day, if he is killing chicken for any celebration, I promised him to be there, this is why am here despite the short notice.

“He is a complete gentleman. I wish him more healthy years to make more impacts for upcoming generation”. Atawewe said.

Fast rising Fuji musician, Raji Okiki, who sang ‘Ibile le mi’ in an interview with RsdNews said;

“I didn’t know he is in Nigeria. I had about the event yesterday. He called me around 1am and here I am to celebrate my father.

“He is my father, I don’t have advice for him, God created him as a perfect man, he is a man of God. I wish him long life and more healthy years”. Okiki said.

Ambassador Edward Olutoke while describing the celebrant in an interview said;

“He is a man who wants to see everybody prosper. Such men are not common. People who can sacrifice themselves for other people are hard to come bye. He is such a wonderful man”. Olutoke said.

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